5 Essential Beauty Client Needs and How To Meet Them

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Let’s imagine a situation. A new day has arrived, and you’re at work. Your instruments and products are prepared and your salon’s chair is ready to accept a client. A new client shows up - someone you haven’t seen before. As usual, you skillfully fulfill the client’s requests, they pay you, and you let them go home. However, days go by - even weeks - but this client never appears for a follow-up appointment. “Why? Everything seemed to be fine, and I did my job flawlessly!”

Sounds familiar? 🙄

The truth is, beauty clients are often looking for something more than just a perfectly-performed procedure or treatment. It’s a beauty business after all - and there are many variables in this area of work, such as the subtle needs of your clients.

We’ve been learning a lot from our app users and industry experts. They helped us crystallize the five most important needs of beauty clients. Let’s see what they are, and how you can fulfill their expectations so they always come back to you! 

Clients are always pleased with discounts and treatment packages

It doesn’t matter how deep your client’s pocket is - everyone loves discounts and great deals. Of course, there’s a certain type of beauty clients who barely put any importance on the prices (but we’ll soon learn what they value instead).

Now back to the fans of discounts. Special offers or treatment packages are a foolproof incentive to choose you over another specialist. If you want to be sure that the client will take advantage of this opportunity and really come back, offer them a discount on the condition that they book a follow-up appointment before they leave your salon.

Create a pleasant atmosphere at your salon and establish a relationship with your client from the very first visit

Would you return to a salon where you felt as if you were not welcome? Probably not

Statistics show that customers are more likely to return if they had a pleasant experience at your salon. Offer them a cozy environment, your sincere & undivided attention, warm communication (don't overdo it! It’s a client after all - not your bestie), and a cup of coffee. All these seemingly small details can become a huge advantage that sets you apart from your competitors.

Let your clients book appointments online

Just as you are bothered by calls or texts from your clients, your clients, too, can find it difficult to find the right moment to call you. Both parties can avoid this inconvenience very easily by using the Watalook beauty appointment booking platform.

With Watalook, your clients can clearly see your availability on your online booking page. No obligations to call you or wonder whether you’re available next week. By the way, beauticians claim that Gen Z is not so keen on texting and calling in general. Going online and booking a service with a few clicks is a much more convenient and pleasant process for the youngest generation of beauty clients.

Memorize specific details about each customer 

Who told you the beauty service industry was easy? Working at the salon is far from meditation. It’s hard work with real people - individual clients.

Therefore, a truly professional and devoted beautician should try to remember each client's unique hair or skin structure or problematic areas. It’s also great to remember such details as clients' favorite hair coloring codes, styles, and other preferences. This will help you save more time and show your clients that you take their needs seriously.

Having trouble remembering all these details? No problem - you can save individual notes about each customer in Watalook’s client cards. 

Educate your clients about their hair, skin, beauty habits, and cosmetic products 

In the past years, beauty clients' education has been increasingly becoming an important part of beauty professionals’ work. At the same time, organic products and natural looks have been trending as well. You’ve probably noticed that more and more cosmetic product labels contain information about the ingredients and the product’s suitability for a certain skin or hair type. What does that mean to you and your clients? If you want to foster a long relationship with your clients, you - as their beauty professional - should be able to advise them on how to take care of their skin or hair. Your responsibility extends beyond your salon’s door, even if it may seem otherwise sometimes. 

Customers value and appreciate the targeted and professional advice from beauticians. So do not spare customers useful information and tips - both during their appointment and when posting content on your socials.

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